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Grey Grant

composer | performer | librettist

Grey Grant (she/they) is a composer, performer, and librettist, whose work frequently involves a transdisciplinary, collaborative effort between herself and other artists. Much of her current work revolves around identity, the environment, and place. Her music: “[Crafts] a work that is moving, evocative and, by the end, exhausting (in the best sense)” and write “demanding music with precision and nuance.” (Michigan Daily)

Grey’s recent work includes: Short Songs to Sing Aloud composed for Leandra Ramm as part of #GLFCAMGIGthruCovid, and for the cliff-sides carved by lakes, for the lakes carved long ago, commissioned by the Tesla String Quartet, and Voice Chant I, commissioned for Detroit Women’s Chorus’ Finding Your Voice conference January 2020. Grey’s opera: Michigan Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region (2019), is an opera in 11 parts that acts as a meditation on internalized transmisogyny, and self-acceptance through the haze of a mythologizing of queerness in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It was composed for Fifth Wall Performing Art’s inaugural season.

Grey is the co-founder alongside Karl Ronneburg and a creative producer of Fifth Wall Performing Arts, an artist-led experimental performing arts organization based in MI and NYC. Fifth Wall Performing Arts began its life in Karl's former living room, where founders Karl and Grey produced an adaptation of Philip Glass' "Einstein on the Beach", entitled "Einstein in the HOUSE". The wildly successful event, the video of which was tweeted by Philip Glass (twice) and called "bonkers insane brilliant" by Nico Muhly, was the catalyst for Fifth Wall to continue their work producing new works of experimental theatre and music. 

As a performer, Grey has been a vocalist in Cantori New York, Fifth Wall Performing Arts, alongside a healthy solo performance art career. As a librettist, she has written numerous operas, song cycles, and lyrics for herself and musical friends.

North Carolina born, she currently resides in Michigan. She received her Bachelor of Music with highest honors from the University of Michigan, with a minor in Creative Writing (poetry), and has now returned to the University of Michigan to peruse her MA in composition. Her artistic mentors include: Gabriela Lena Frank. Evan Chambers, Keith Taylor, Stephen Rush, Kristin Kuster, and Paul Schoenfeld. Grey's music has been featured at numerous festivals, conferences, and concerts across the United States.